Grey Structure In Islamabad

Material We Use In Grey Structure

Bricks and Stones provide you grey structure services with or without materials. If you are looking for offices, mosques, community centers, commercial plazas, shopping malls, or any other commercial building grey structure services, you came to the right place. We provide one of the best competitively grey structure construction costs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Starting with the right material to making the right floor plan of the house as well as you also need the right team. We provide information on Grey Structure (per sq. ft.). The following items come in grey structure. 

Grey Structure Services


Steel is one of the most important parts of your household. Quality-wise steel can go along way. But choosing the right quality steel can be a little difficult for a common man to search for in such a competitive market. That is why Bricks and Stone will provide you will high quality and branded steel for your household or business.


Bricks are the second most important part of your household. Bricks and Stone will provide high-quality branded bricks at the lowest of cost according to your budget.


Sand is the third most important part of building your household or business. Bricks and stone will provide you high-quality sand and help you calculate the the quantity needed for construction at most reasonable cost.


Crush is the fourth important part of your construction needs. We will provide you branded crush with up to mark size, strength, and neatness.


Lastly, cement also an important factor for your construction needs. Quality cement will go a long way as compared to lower quality cement. We will provide high quality fresh and authentic cement. We will help you calculate the amount of cement needed for your construction

We also provide other items such as electric, plumbing, gas, and sewerage etc.

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