Home Renovation And Remodeling In Islamabad

Renovation and Remodeling

Each and every successful house renovation is the result of professional planning. We tell you the step by step to renovating your house, to ensure it runs smoothly, safely, and to our planning.

Building renovation and Remodeling services

When renovating a house we guide you where to start

First of all, congratulations you are planning to renovate your house! But you don’t have any idea so don’t worry we give you the best tips and tricks to renovate your house. Our renovation company schedule of work is vital when renovating a house. Our company Bricks and Stones give you a perfect schedule that will clearly define every single job that needs to be carried out, from start to finish of a project, in the right order. We will ideally include who is doing what and how much it will cost on the list. We give you our best plan of work. It will depend on the nature of the project. We give you the best advice to renovate your house.

Our Renovation Services


We create a mapping of your home planning, build a new and renovated house, and design.

Landscape Design

We create a mapping of your home and plan accordingly to help you transform your dreams into reality.

Furniture Design

Your furniture is a declaration of your personality, and a reflection of your taste and style.

Exterior Design

We provide clients with a positive experience and products of exterior designs, making a design reality quick.

Site Planning

We do an analysis of the site and gives you complete information about slopes, soils, hydrology, vegetation, and orientation, etc.

Interior Design

Create a pleasing and graceful environment for your building to offer a spacious and modern design that is trending.

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Bricks and stones is one of the leading construction companies in Pakistan based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. With proven competencies in residential and commercial projects, Bricks and Stones shapes new lifestyles with a focus on design excellence, build quality, and timely delivery.

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