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Our Repair & Maintenance Services

With over years of experience in this field, Bricks and Stones is a full-service construction company in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that offers a variety of services including repair and maintenance. We a team of professionals engineers, architects & technicians, plumbers, etc. Our Professionals will arrive after you have booked an appointment with them. Working around the clock to ensure that each and every expectation of our client is met.

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Our Services

Day to day Repairs

Our day-to-day services include those repairs which arise from time to time in the building such as plumbing work, water supply, etc. The purpose of this service is to ensure the satisfaction continues of various services in the building.

Annual Repairs

We provide annual maintenance to maintain the aesthetics of the building and to preserve the life of the building. These services include such as white washing, painting, cleaning of lines etc

Special Repairs

We provide special repairs of the building which are undertaken to replace the old arts of the building and services which gets weakens on the aging of buildings. It helps resorts to the building’s original condition to the extent possible.

Prevention maintenance

We provide preventive maintenance to avoid the break down of machinery and experiencing problems in the building and services. Preventive maintenance includes deterioration, pollution flooding, careless usage, seepage, etc

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